Droit + Changement + Propriété Intellectuelle

affiche_droitchangement_november16_fraengblacknameDans le cadre du Cycle annuel de conférences sur les fonctions contemporaines du droit 2016-2017, le Regroupement droit, changement et gouvernance présente la conférence « Droit, changement et propriété intellectuelle » qui sera présentée par Sérgio Branco.


The Internet and the technologies developed in the last 20 years forced copyright standards to be adjusted to a new reality, in which copyright owners are not in control of copies anymore. The digital world is a real challenge that demands new business models and a new perspective towards copyright protection. How can we integrate a theory conceived in the XIX century with contemporary technology? How can Brazil and other south countries contribute to this discussion?


PhD and Master in Civil Law at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Professor of Civil Law and Intellectual Property Law at Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School (2006-2013). General Attorney of Brazilian Information Technology Institute – ITI (2006). Academic Development Coordinator for the Postgraduate Program at FGV Direito Rio (2005). Author of books “Copyright Law at the Internet and the Use of Other People’s Works”, “The Public Domain in Brazilian Copyright Law” and “What is Creative Commons – New Copyright Models in a More Creative World”. Majored in Intellectual Property (Catholic University at Rio de Janeiro) and in Cinema (FGV). Lawyer. Member and Director at ITS.

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